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The excellent benefits of seaweed on all sports surfaces

Seaweed is classed as a soil conditioner in the gardening world, but its benefits are so extensive that it really should be given top billing when discussing the care of soil and growing of plants, as it contains over sixty minerals and trace elements, along with bio stimulants.



In Ireland, many links golf courses used to take seaweed from the adjacent beaches and cover greens with it during severe winters, which both protected the grass from the cold and provided a range of nutrients as it weathered down. When the weather improved the seaweed was removed and composted with sand to provide a very high quality topdressing material. Now, play continues all year round on most courses, so this practice is not feasible but, if there is seaweed available, then it is most certainly well worth harvesting and composting to provide your own supply of high quality topdressing material.


Seaweed contains a wide range of nutrients and trace elements which combine in such a unique manner that, when seaweed is added to heavy clay soils, it breaks down the heavy soil into a friable crumb structure, thereby providing a vastly improved growing medium. This, of course, does not happen overnight, but is one of the greatest benefits of long term applications on these types of soils.

Liquid seaweed is the best option, as it is an excellent foliar feed and can be combined with other nutrients as and when require.

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