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Ascoboost is both. It contains all of the essential nutrients required for turf grass growth. Many are only in trace amounts but this is one of the few products that contains every single essential element for turf grass growth. What’s even more beneficial and synergistic, is that phytohormones are included in the same product. This is a complete phytohormone/nutrient package!

It is recommended to use this on fine turf areas every two weeks. Increase the frequency if you require faster recovery from stressed conditions.

This biostimulant/nutrient package is very beneficial for stressed turf. Injured turf from disease, drought, mechanical stress and insect damage will speed recovery if ascoboost is regularly applied. Rate and frequency of application can be adjusted according to your needs.

Ascophyllum nodosum is a perennial brown intertidal seaweed species. It is most abundant on sheltered rocky shores in the mid-intertidal of the North Atlantic. It is olive green in colour and generally grows upward in the water column anchoring to hard substrates using a disc-shaped holdfast. A single specimen resembles an intertwined mass of shoots and branches. Incoming tides gradually float vast stands of Ascophyllum nodosum until it becomes an expansive swaying undersea forest.
Ascophyllum nodosum plant can measure from 30 to 60 centimetres, and is flexible to decrease breakage that may result from strong wave action. Its long, thick, leathery, branching strap-like fronds are typically between 0.5 and 2 meters in length.

1. Nutrients are already in solution, and are immediately available to the plant. While most nutrients are absorbed by the plant’s root system, a very small amount can be taken in through the leaves. This results in a quick green-up within just a few days of the application.
2. Fertilizer and pesticides are mixed together and sprayed on in one pass, saving time and money.
3. No clean-up to do — just spray and go. This saves time which saves money.

Our products ingredients help to achieve improved results when used in small and repeated doses. The effect of a single bio stimulant application can be expected to decrease gradually in time. Monthly application before and during the stress periods is highly recommended to maximise results.

Our products boost soil health by improving moisture-holding capacity and promoting the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms, due to the presence of alginic acid derivatives.
Alginic acid derivatives, being biodegradable and non-toxic substances, possess unique and valuable properties. They combine with the metallic ions in the soil to form complexes that absorb moisture, swell, retain soil moisture, and improve soil structure. This induces better aeration and capillary activity of soil pores, which in turn stimulate the growth of the plant root system.
A healthier soil provides the plant with favourable conditions for a healthier and stronger growth.

ASCOBOOST is made from Ascophyllum nodosum which come from the sea. The sodium and chloride levels are very low because the seaweed does not actually absorb the salt.

Yes, they can be mixed with any soluble fertiliser.

Yes. It’s fine to use for up to 12 months.

Ascoboost will not burn turf tissue. It can dry on the leaf or be watered in after application. Be careful if it is included in your nutrient program in the same tank, your fertilizers have potential burn potential depending on the rate used, product used and the ambient temperature when applied.