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Donegal Seaweed Limited Announces New Distributor Relationship with Irish TurfCare Limited

Donegal Seaweed Limited, the leader in Seaweed Extracts, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Irish TurfCare Limited to distribute the AscoBoost range of products in Ireland and Northern Ireland. AscoBoost is the newest, freshest and most natural range of liquid seaweed products available today. The raw material (Ascophyllum Nodosum) is carefully harvested
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Seaweed extract aid drought-stressed crops

This spring has seen large extremes in weather patterns from drought to flooding, causing stress to arable crops. But one researcher at University College, Cork, believes a certain chemical found in seaweed could make crops more stress tolerant. Along with factors such as extremes of temperature, inadequate nutrient supply and excess
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Why use Seaweed as a fertilizer?

Soil is a vital importance as a worldwide resource as well as the fact that we treat it so poorly. I will explain why we should consider using seaweed-based fertilizers. An ideal soil has approximately 50% of its volume filled with solids and the other 50% with water and air.  Ninety
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